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ZIP Open File Tool represents an intelligent WinZip repair software for any user who often works with zipped documents
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22 June 2013

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As compressed files are highly convenient for storing as well as transferring the items, enormous segment of computer users Zip them using WinZip application. But the issue that one might generally encounter with compressed files is the inability to access or open them due to certain virus or malware infections. While the items or documents or any application that is compressed as Zip file might be high valuable and loosing them is not a very good thought. So just go over ZIP Open File Tool 1.1.7 and you will open up a fine landscape of opening all the inaccessible zip file with ease. Hence with this software tool you would never loose out any of the zipped files that got corrupted due to any of the causes and keep your work going without halt.

ZIP Open File Tool 1.1.7 is very compelling and can decompress almost all the damaged zipped files and repairs them. This eventually helps in mending almost all the corrupted and inaccessible files and makes them workable in perfect working condition. UI of ZIP Open File Tool 1.1.7 is perfectly crafted for every XYZ users who have little fragments of knowledge about software. One attractive feature about this recovery solution is that it uses color code. When files are damaged they appear RED. When the application is working upon any file and repairing it the color code of the file can be seen as yellow. And when the recovery process is complete you can see the recovered files in blue color.

Both installation and execution of ZIP Open File Tool 1.1.7 is dramatically easy. Plus it allows users to find the damaged files in perfect shape in just few clicks. For all the robust features it contains we assign it with a healthy score of three on a scale of five.

Publisher's description

ZIP Open File Tool is everything you need to restore WinZip files on home computers therefore you may protect damaged archives against the corruption, caused by viral infections, hardware issues and internal software errors. This application is all you need to restore the structure of compressed documents and avoid useless download attempts of very large files in zip format. Evaluate ZIP Open File Tool on your PC and make sure this software provides efficient archive recovery services so you can quickly decompress damaged documents or evaluate your chances of doing so at least. As soon as you open damaged WinZip file in ZIP Open File Tool, the analysis can be started without modifying or adding extra settings of data recovery, you should check the path is correct and trigger the analysis by clicking the Next button, after this it moves to the analysis of selected document and you can track the status bar of file decompression to make sure the processing of selected document is not stalled for any reason. If there are no errors during the process of ZIP Open File Tool execution, this application moves to the following stage where it creates the list of files together with the results of analysis. This program uses marks of blue, yellow and red to check if you can repair specified document of it is not really possible due to its serious damage. These marks of different colors are the only way to evaluate the state of corrupted document and your perspectives for decompression as well. As soon as the decompression of specified archive is successfully completed, the results of data recovery can be considered and you can select which documents should be saved according to the results of analysis or other factors. ZIP Open File Tool saves output information after you register this application and purchase keycode. In the same time, the period of its evaluation is not limited
ZIP Open File Tool
ZIP Open File Tool
Version 1.1.7
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